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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

This course examines the nature and personality of the Holy Spirit. The purposes, gifts, and fruit of the Holy Spirit are examined in detail. Practical guidelines are given for experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit, identifying spiritual gifts, and developing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Biblical Economics

The history of God and His people demonstrates the principles of Biblical economics. This course explores the attributes of God in relationship to His giving, which is intentional in blessings.

Divine Healing

This course provides a foundation for walking in total wholeness the way God intended. Knowing the truth about Jesus Christ, your healer, will set you free by providing a foundation for expressing the Biblical principles for healing.


This course allows for a spiritual dive into the Bible through the lenses of prayer. Students will learn how to deal with hindrances to prayer while they study how to use the Lord’s Prayer to intercede. 

Passing the Mantle

This course will discuss what it means to really experience the double-portion anointing that God has reserved for us, and the importance of passing it on to others. Passing on the Mantle will give you a renewed appreciation of walking in the calling of God.
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