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This course allows for a spiritual dive into the Bible through the lenses of prayer. Students will learn how to deal with hindrances to prayer while they study how to use the Lord’s Prayer to intercede. 

Passing the Mantle

This course will discuss what it means to really experience the double-portion anointing that God has reserved for us, and the importance of passing it on to others. Passing on the Mantle will give you a renewed appreciation of walking in the calling of God.

Special 10 Course Bundle

These bundled courses are a hand crafted selection of Dr. Morris Cerullo's break through teaching of God's power and anointing. In these cutting edge Spirit-filled courses, be prepared to  be taken to the next level of God's calling on your life. 

Knowing God’s Voice

The course provides a foundation for every follower of Christ to hear the voice of God, and discover His will for their daily life.  The course will facilitate the development of an understanding of why knowing God’s voice is important, and how it is revealed to us.  The keys for knowing the voice of God will include an examination of the Scriptures and the stages of divine revelation.

Strategies of Jesus

This course provides insight to the strategies that Jesus used to defeat the attacks of the devil; strategies which are available for His followers today. Knowing the characteristics of the schemes that Satan uses will provide the foundation of understanding how to him. Examine the temptations and trials Jesus faced, and learning to use the truth of our position in Christ to stand victorious
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