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Revelation Faith, Edition 2018

This course provides the biblical foundation for supernatural faith and examines the title deed of faith, to discover how to access all that God has provided for us. Students will examine the scriptural foundations for receiving and living in the kind of faith revealed to Dr. Morris Cerullo by the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Declaring War on the Devil's War, Edition 2018

Knowing our enemy, the devil, is the first step to engaging in the battle for souls that we, as Christians, are called to do. This course provides a biblical foundation for understanding the schemes of the devil, as well as scriptural guidelines to develop the arsenal of spiritual weapons needed to win the battle for souls, live a victorious life, and advance the Kingdom of God.

How to Win the Battle of the Tongue, Edition 2018

This course examines the power of the tongue, and ultimately how to win the battle of the tongue. Students will learn to set a watch over their tongue with practical application and strategies; will examine how God's Word in the mouth is a powerful, living force; and will work to develop a relationship in which the Word of God is lived out. 

Biblical Economics, Edition 2018

The history of God and His people demonstrates the principles of Biblical economics. This course explores the attributes of God in relationship to His giving, which is intentional in blessings.

Survey of the Book of Revelation, Edition 2018

This course is designed to better acquaint the student with the purpose of Biblical prophecy and provide them with the keys to better understand the meaning and use of prophetic messages.