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2015 Ordination Renewal

2015 Ordination Renewal

by Jochebed Garcia -
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Ordination renewal applications for the 2015 year are now available.

If you have been ordained under the MCWE ministry and would like to renew your ordination card for the 2015 year, please follow the instructions provided below.


1)   Call 1-858-277-2200 ext. 2558 to verify you meet the minimum giving of $240.00 for the 2014 and 2013 year. You may request an application to be mailed to you if you meet qualifications.


      Download the application

2)   Make $50.00 ordination renewal fee payment. Via:


b.Credit Card

c.Money order

Once your application has been submitted you will receive your 2015 ordination card along with a letter/receipt as your proof of payment.

If you have any question please contact the WPC administrative assistant at 1-858-277-2200 ext. 2558.