Morris Cerullo World Evangelism is not a denomination, but we are a non-profit religious organization, a church with authority to ordain ministers (John 15:16). The MCWE Ministerial Fellowship exists to:

  • Unify efforts in extending the Gospel to the nations of the world
  • Coordinate efforts in extending School Of Ministry training
  • Support the ministry of Dr. Morris Cerullo and the World Evangelism vision
  • Provide fellowship and networking opportunities
  • Fulfill our mission statement.

Ordination is not an automatic result of your Institute of Ministerial Studies training.
Requirements for consideration for ordination include:

  • Complete the following 10 Legacy School of Ministry courses and exams:
    • The Proof Producers
    • The New Anointing
    • Revelation Faith
    • How To Win The Battle For Your Mind
    • Declaring War On The Devil’s War
    • Miracle Power Living
    • Discover Your Ministry
    • Unity In The Spirit
    • The Manifested Sons Of God
    • How To Win The Battle Of The Tongue
  • Submit your completed & signed application & Ordination Acknowledgement Forms
  • Submit a non-refundable application fee of $125.00 (USD)
  • Submit a current actual passport-size photo
  • Submit a written testimony of your born-again spirit-filled experience and your perceived call to Christian ministry
  • Submit letters of recommendation from three Christian references to include your church pastor and a recognized church leader that has seen you in active ministry**.
    **References cannot be close family members. Reference must have known you for at least 3 years
  • All forms and letters of reference mailed directly to our office from each reference.
  • Evidence of effective ministry in past or present as validated by references.
  • Evidence of spiritual maturity: Commitment to prayer, study of the Word, active and current member of a church body, tithing and giving
  • Demonstrating a life beyond reproach in terms of personal conduct, marriage (if applicable), and ministerial relationships.
  • Have an annual giving requirement of $240 (USD) for the current and previous year; must be met for 24 consecutive months.
  • Be a current member in the MCWE God's Victorious Army membership program (GVA)
  • Agreed to background check.

All above mentioned requirements must be completed and received in our office no later than the deadline determined by the committee. When all documents are submitted, your application will still have to be approved by the Committee in order to be ordained.

All ordination documents can be sent here:
Attn: Jochebed Garcia
P.O. Box 85277
San Diego, CA 92186

Upon deliberation of the committee you will receive a call from our office.

To apply for ordination as a minister with MCWE:

  • Purchase the Ordination course, which is the $125.00 (US) non refundable application fee
  • Complete and submit the ordination forms from inside the Ordination course
  • If you are approved for ordination, you must attend either the Morris Cerullo Labor Day Conference or the World Conference where you will be ordained.

As an ordained minister with MCWE, you will be required to submit an annual report and a renewal fee of $50.00 each year, as well as maintaining an annual giving of $240.